So, I'm an artist - sort of.

So, officially I suppose I'm an 'artist' because I spent three years at ECU studying a visual arts degree. I get to graduate this March with the full regalia ceremony. Not that it was a hard degree really, just go to uni and paint all day and hand in an essay each semester (yes, only one). No exams. No books. No huge assignments. Just a lot of painting and a lot of listening to waffle.
Seeing as I'm an 'artist' (although I don't feel like one really until the day I actually sell a painting) I probably should do more painting than I do. I haven't touched the brush and canvas for weeks! I think three years of painting every day has taken some of the joy out of it! Still, I'd better get back into it soon. Gotta do the matching work for this one:

Photo Friday

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