Changing to Wordpress

I thought I would warn my little readership that I will be switching to wordpress very soon. As you can see from the current state of my sidebar, blogger has once again messed up. I've had a fair bit of trouble with blogger this year so I've decided to take my hubby's advice and switch. Not sure how soon it will be but at least that strange sidebar will be better. By the way, I deleted those two links that are covering my photo but they are still there for some reason, even though they don't appear on the template! Weird.

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Auction #2

I've decided to run the same auction that I did in the post below, you can read about it here. The details are exactly the same except that the bidding goes for 7 days and starts at $4.00. Please take a look and see if theres something I can make for you.

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Photo Friday

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