*I've added a couple more photos including one of the back below.

I've come up with another way to use felt to create objects. As soon as Michael saw them had called them art-stitch so the name has stuck. If I was going to artistically categorise these they'd be textile art (which is often debated as not art but I see felt as the medium instead of paint for example).

These are basically fancy tags for gifts, there will be a plastic pocket on the back where you can slip your piece of paper with a note (see above on the teapot). When I have more photos I'll post them and I've done 4 more (all unique) since these were taken.

I want to sell them but have no idea how much for. They're about 15cm long but are all different. All are hand stitched using felt, ribbon, lace and recycled buttons.

So, I have some questions for feedback.

1. Would you buy them?
2. How much for?
3. What do you think?

All profits from the sale of these will go to this SIM project (HOPE for AIDS)

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