List of 9 weird tid-bits about myself

A meme I found at Michelle's blog Between Diapers and Dishes

1. When sitting in a restaurant I have to have my back towards the wall.

2. I love to eat tinned spaghetti cold and straight from the tin.

3. I have a hard time buying anything at full price, I always search in bargain bins, op shops and marked down broken piles in any shop!

4. I HAVE to be creative every day or I go crazy.

5. I still get a buzz out of flying.

6. I'm obsessed with the news. At one stage I would watch every single news bulletin that was on in a day as well as read it on the internet.

7. I hate fake things. I can't stand fake plastic flowers or plants, hate plastic curling ribbon, not a fan of trinkets or dust collectors, can't stand plastic cheese and tend to shy away using colours that look 'fake' or unnatural to me.

8. I have a hard time making art for no purpose. I cannot just sit and paint for hours if the painting has no reason for being. This probably has something to do with the cost of supplies!

9. I am a bit of a hoarder. I don't waste anything. I have kept every single formula tin, formula scoop and washing powder scoop from the last year. I just have a feeling that these will be useful somehow.

Feel free to do this meme and let me know in the comments if you do.

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