Terrified................of Arachnoids

I put 'arachnoid' in the title because I really do have an irrational fear of spid.......you know. I valiantly defended my family tonight by killing (with spray, from a distance) one of those jumping spid...........you know. When I was a kid I was only mildly afraid of them and then when I was about 19 I had an awful spid.......you know experience.

I was sitting in the passenger seat of my friends car in her driveway when I put my hand on my lap and felt what I thought was a leaf. Wasnt. You guessed it. It was a spid......you know. It was as big as my hand and was one of those jumping ones. Scenario went like this. I screamed. She braked. She jumped out of her side of the car. I dived out of her side onto the driveway from the passengers side. I jumped up very quickly and turned in circles screaming 'is it on me! is it on me?'. She laughed. The spid......you know was sitting on my seat staring at the commotion (laughing I'm sure in that deep evil laugh they have - don't tell me you haven't heard it). Her brother wouldn't come out and kill it and when he finally did it had disapeared. It took a long time for me to get back in the car. See, my fear isn't that irrational after all.

Sitting On My Hands

I think the Lord is trying to teach me patience. I'm sure of this because I went to get some from my 'patience jar' today and discovered that I'm scraping the bottom! The reason - we are waiting to set up an office here in WA for our new roles with our mission SIM. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) most of the staff over east seem to be on holidays so we have to be very patient and wait till they've all stopped having fun and relaxing before we can do the office. Perhaps they've got the right idea, relaxing. It's something I don't do well.

We need a lot of bits and pieces for this office. Things like a secondhand lounge setting, coffee table, bar fridge, microwave (wishlist that one!), office chairs, lockable filing cabinet and shelving and display racks. Perhaps the reason we can't move on this is because the Lord has something better in mind. Anyway, tomorrow we're going to the office and starting with what we've got - bug spray.

I think I'll pray for a refill of my jar of patience tonight.

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