Our Quilt

My Mum gave us a special gift for Christmas, a quilt that she had been working on while up in PNG over this last year. She brought it down with her in her suitcase and because of it's size it didn't leave much room for much else!

It's a really beautiful quilt with many squares in all the colours of the rainbow. She put a lot of thought into it and each part represents something special in our lives. Africa is there, our time we spend in Dunsborough is there, Michael's love of cycling is there and much more. When I have some close up shots of it I'll add them here but for now you can see a great shot of it over at my Dad's blog. He's also written a great post about what the quilt reminds him of which you can read here.

These photos are of us unwrapping our gift on Christmas day. Thanks Mum! xxx

Photo Friday

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