Illustration Friday - Sacrifice

The IF theme this week is 'sacrifice'. What a shame because the entry I did a few weeks back for angels and devils would have been perfect!! Anyway, instead I'm putting this one in:

This is done using the photocopy transfer method, acrylic on wood and a fine brush, oh and I sepia-ed it on my comptuer for effect (is that allowed?).

This is my great-grandfather Jack (sitting centre) and his mates. You guessed it, they are all in their uniforms (Australian Army) and this was taken during the last world war. War and the word sacrifice go hand in hand so I thought this was appropriate.

Photo Friday - 'Remarkable'

The theme for PF this week is 'Remarkable'. I could have put up a photo of some amazing sunset, object or something else interesting but instead I'm choosing to put this picture of my parents (Trevor and Estelle Burns). Why, well I think they're remarkable.

They moved to Papua New Guinea in 2000 as long-term missionaries with New Tribes Mission. They'd never lived overseas before this. They were both nearing 50 when they moved there . They had to learn a new language and adapt to a new culture. Before they knew it they were flying over volcanoes in a helicopter. My Dad nows runs the Tribal Resource Centre there and Mum is currently working in the finance office. Prior to this they'd only lived in Australia and worked in an Australian context. I reckon they are pretty remarkable.

Photo Friday

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