Painting and Detail

I was far too worn out to write about our office progression the other day so I'll fill you in now. Friday was a really practical day at our new SIM office. Michael and our friend Simon put up curtain rods, hooks and other bits and pieces while I painted all 7 pinboards and stained a cupboard/shelf that we're using for the brochures in the doorway. I was pretty worn out Friday night! Anyway, our commissioning service and office dedication is only a week away now so the room is almost ready. If you're in Perth and you'd like to come along to our commissioning service, just drop me a line and I'm happy to send you the details.

Yes, it's a picture of a pinboard, but I painted it and it looks much better!!!

Our brochure holder - ready to go!

Putting up curtain rods

It's coming along!

Photo Friday

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