Illustration Friday - 'Jungle'

The IF Theme this week is 'Jungle'. Hard one for me so I'm putting up something that I don't particularly like but I don't hate. It was done as a sketchbook piece (which is why you can see paint streaks!), not meant for anything but practicing pattern and the like. Reminds me of camoflage and the jungle anyway!

Photo Friday - 'Poverty'

I can relate easily to this theme after having spent time in PNG and Africa. These boys were two beggars that we met in Benin, west Africa. Those bowls are for begging with. Here's my PF pic for this week;

I'm entering two this week, this one's from Papua New Guinea and hits home for me having had a bub myself recently and considering the amount of sterilising we do!


In the post below I mentioned that the photo will be on the cover of our brochure. This brochure will be what's known as our 'prayer card' and is on the verge of being printed. It's going through the final drafts at the moment. I'm looking forward to it being finished as it's taken a little while to get done. It will have information about our role with SIM in Western Australia and the usual financial support section. If you would like one sent to you, drop me a line and we can arrange it to come through the post.

Photo: one of the pics we've used in our brochure.

Photo Friday

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