Little Hat

Knitted this little hat over two nights (I get interrupted a lot!). It's tiny and it's for a couple we know and their newborn (her name starts with C). I'm pretty pleased with it as I'm usually useless at following patterns.

Not much of a pattern person really, I hate the idea of using someone elses design or idea and prefer to make it my own (like adding the C). I've always been like that, only like to be creative if it's unique. I think that's the difference between art and craft. Art to me has a more unique or original sense to it and craft can mean that you follow a pattern or a step by step guide. Anyway, I'm rambling. So here's the little beanie (or touk I think if you're Canadian):


Last night I had a quick lesson on how to bring down a fever in bubs. She had her 6 month needles yesterday and by late last night she had a fever. This is of course normal and a quick dose of panadol did the trick. Felt awful though trying to get her cool. Such a big responsibility being a parent!! She's a sweetie though, in the middle of feeling a bit off she was grinning at me.

Photo Friday

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