Curried Missionary Part 9

Photo: My parents Trevor and Estelle Burns, sister-in-law Candy (middle) and nephew Malachi who are missionaries in Papua New Guinea

This is Part 9 of Curried Missionary, a booklet I put together on ways to encourage your missionary friends. In the booklet, this section is called 'Straight From the Horse's Mouth' as it's quotes from over 60 missionary friends on what they found encouraging or discouraging. I hope it's helpful for you.

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Straight From the Horse's Mouth...

"After writing to over 60 missionaries and asking them to tell of the most encouraging thing we can do for them (or that has been done for them), here are some quotes from their letters.

“ ...write a short letter, e-mail or send a card. And, if possible, don’t make it mandatory that the person write back to you right away...a little something ($5 or $10) to my support account...MAYBE IT IS JUST ONE GIFT IN 10 YEARS, BUT THE MISSIONARY WILL REMEMBER AND BE ENCOURAGED”.
~ D. Hill, former American missionary in Niger

“...food that we can not get...favourite magazine or newspaper (eg; New Life)”.
~ K & J Hammen,former Aussie missionaries in Kunnunurra.

“...the best way we have been encouraged while in PNG is through a group of friends who about twice a year e-mail to ask us what the can send each of us. THE FACT THAT THEY ASK, ARE INTERESTED IN OUR PERSONAL LIKES/NEEDS, AND REALLY DO SEND THE THINGS WE MENTION, MEANS THAT THEY ARE CONCERNED ABOUT US PERSONALLY AND IS A GREAT BLESSING TO US. Many people have asked “what can we send or what can we do for you?”, but usually for-get about it”.
~ P & T Harris, former Aussie missionaries in Papua New Guinea.

“For us the best was having visitors. They always brought a little bit of home with them. It always kept us going…” ~ S & J Jay, former English missionaries in Ethiopia."

Commissioning Service and Dedication

Today we were commissioned into our new roles as SIM State Ministry Directors. The service was wonderful, a highlight being a Sudanese singing group who sang two songs. If I'm honest I must say that I don't remember much of it. The reason - Kezi just wouldn't settle during the whole service. She wiggled and cried and carried on, wouldn't settle or sleep or even drink most of her bottle! I spent a fair bit of time up the back. I (we) did go on stage twice for a prayer for us and for our actual commissioning.

Photo Above: Michael putting the finishing touches to the front of the office yesterday.

If I'm honest I can say that we were both encouraged by who came and a little disappointed by who didn't (I'm sure people had a good reason). SIM has a wonderful history here in WA and Pastor Glen Lock, former SIM Representative reminded us of it's past and that we have quite a legacy. We met some elderly ladies who told us that they pray for us every day and have done so for years! Amazing people.

I'm so glad that our friend Simon taped the whole service for us so I can sit down and see what I missed out on.

Photo Above left: Michael and Kezi. Photo right: Not a very smiley pic but proof that I'm there too!!

Afterwards a large group headed down to Wattle Grove Baptist Church where we had our office dedication and a BBQ tea. Poor Kezi was so tired by the time we got home and I'm sure she'll sleep well tonight!

Photo Below Left: The inside as of Friday with curtains covering the storage space.

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