And now for Photo Friday - 'Masculine'

The theme for Photo Friday last week was 'Masculine' so here's my entry. This is Nick, he's a Pastor in a church in Papua New Guinea and he's tending his garden here.

Playing Catchup for Illustration Friday - 'Tea'

The theme last Friday was 'tea' so here's my entry. This is more related to afternoon tea and is titled 'rock cakes' done in oil on canvas.

This is the initial sketch for the painting.

This was what I painted it from.

Finally Some Photos

Took this shot on the day we all went to the national park. We were surrounded by 6 dive bombing Kookaburras which, now that I think of it, was appropriate as we were sitting in a group having a session about Spiritual Warfare!

Most of the week however we were inside and Kezi spent a lot of time doing this on the quilt with me on the floor next to her listening in on the sessions.

Kezi's first plane ride. No problems at all! (she looks bored though, she was watching the other babies across the isle)

The failure of the fan and the fridge

As it often happens whenever someone goes away for more than a couple of days, a couple of things 'went wrong' while we were away.

Firstly our main computer stopped working which would have been ok except that I always record certain TV shows to send up to my family in Papua New Guinea. Turns out that the fan inside the box is clogged or something like that. That's why there are no photos as yet because I can't download them until my compuer is back. Michael will fix it today.

Secondly there was a very strange smell in the kitchen. It took a fair bit of searching but we think that a mouse may have gotten inside and died inside the drainage container at the back of the fridge. We seem to have fixed the problem now but it was an awful smell.

Truth is that we're both so tired that we don't really care that much at the moment and are happy to be in our own bed. Don't get me wrong though, the week in Sydney was wonderful and we got to meet some lovely people and learn a lot but your own bed is always nice to return to isn't it!

Still No Piccies But We're Home

Flew home on Saturday and all went well. Kezi wasn't bothered by the plane at all which is great. She is such a good bubby. We are both exhausted though as it was a full on week with a lot of information given to us about our new role. It was a real amazing thing to see the way that God has provided new State Ministry Directors in each state except for the Northern Territory and to meet them all. Kezi was so good in the meetings, she only grizzled a little bit towards the end of the week when she'd had enough socializing I think.

Now that we're back we've got a bit of work to do in getting our office presentable before it's dedicated on the same day as the commissioning service in less than 2 weeks time. We also have to start consentrating on our new ministry and sort out our priorities. If you are involved in missions in a church in Perth WA and would like us to come along one Sunday to share about our new roles with SIM Australia please drop me a line.

Photo Friday

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