Curried Missionary - Part 11

This is part 11 of my booklet Curried Missionary, how to spice up your missionaries' life. In this section we continue to see more quotes that are Straight From The Horse's Mouth (quotes from missionaries about how we can best encourage them). There are a lot of them so I've put two pages worth in one here
Pic left: My Dad, Trevor Burns in PNG (bottom right in photo)
Pic below: My Mum, Estelle Burns in PNG
“Just recently we had a friend that we hadn’t seen for ages come via Hoskins to visit us. It was such perfect timing for us and we really valued his input into our lives..” ~ S & C Henley, Aussie missionaries in PNG

“...it would be nice to have some new things sent to the school...it would be good to have some new, up to date Science videos. They could even be taped off the Public Television stations in people’s homes...Maybe even a good flick for us to pass around the missionary community would be nice too as a change..” ~ J & B Moore, American Missionaries in Niger.

“...PHONE CALLS...visit of church friends and especially family...mail, postal in particular.”
~ J James, Aussie former missionary in Pakistan, the Philippines and Seychelles

“It also encourages me when people write Bible verses in their letters...it always helps to hear from people.” ~ Sarah, 13 yr old American/French missionary kid in Niger.

“Something that would be of great encouragement would be a personal visit from a leader or a couple…” ~ T & E Burns, Aussie missionaries in PNG.

“One of the most encouraging letters/e-mails we get is from someone in the church who lets us know what’s happening with her family, the church, the weather an some local news that we may not have heard. These e-mails make you feel normal and you know that he person send-ing them has spent time thinking about what you might like to know that no-one else has told you.” ~ K & M Hutchinson, Irish missionaries in England.

“...if I could call 3 of my friends in the States...it would take tons of plan-ning and all that but that’d be REALLY cool!” ~ 13 yr old Missionary Kid from the USA, in Niger.

“Occasional videos from home e.g.; Playschool, football etc..”
~ J James, Aussie former missionary in Pakistan, the Philippines and Seychelles

“remembering the kid’s birthdays is always special for them. Receiving parcels with items we just can’t get or that are too expensive here, or things like videos, chocolate, gum, lollies, yoghurt mixes, walnuts, dried fruit etc. Make special gifts”
~ P & T Harris, former Aussie missionaries in PNG.

“One of the biggest ways of supporting and encouraging missionaries on the non-financial side is helping them in their return to Home country for Home Assignment/ Leave/ [furlough]. Clueing them in again to cur-rent words, phrases expressions..”
~ D & J Brown, English former missionaries in Ethiopia.

“Other school things probably would be nice too. We just recently got introduced to a magazine called Kids Discover. I guess people could or-der us a subscription for a year…”
~ J and B Moore, American Missionaries in Niger.

“...little gifts we can give out to the kids as prizes, pens, book-marks...marshmallows, m&m’s, muesli bars, koolaid [like powdered cordial]...“ ~ J & B Moore, American Missionaries in Niger.

“The best thing that supporters did for Malc and I was to pay for us to have our colours and styles ‘Done’ by a colour consultant. This informa-tion was then shared around close friends who were ‘in’ on the idea. From then on all gifts – large and small e.g.; a lipstick or a tie to dresses and sweatshirts – were always just right for us.”
~ M & L McGregor, Scottish former SIM missionaries in Ethiopia. Now the SIM International Director

Angel Flying High

I told Kitty that I'd post this as her post aboutthe Flying Angel reminded me of it, so here it is. Watercolour, about A5 size;

Love, Dear, Sweetie.......Aaargh!

Ever since I was about 24 and working I have really hated it when people call me 'dear', 'love' or 'sweetie' unless we're family or a close (older) friend. I'm not sure if it's because I look a bit younger than I am or what but it seems that even at the post office the lady behind the desk who looks around the same age as me calls me 'love'.

It just seems so disrespectful although I'm sure this would be endearing to some people. The same thing happens on the phone, I've been told I sound very young on the phone. I get 'ok, dear, well you...blah blah blah etc...'. I'm not sure why it bothers me, maybe it just makes me feel as if the person talking to me thinks I'm very young and immature (maybe I am!!!), I really don't know. I'm 31 so it annoys me more when someone who's around 25 does this to me. Does this bother anyone else or am I the only one?

Pic: This is me last week

Photo Friday

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