London Blasts Hit Home For Us

We lived in the UK for 6 months in 2000 and we also visited there in 1998 so these blasts really hit home for us. We recognise a lot of the stations that have been targeted. Here is a shot from our time there:

This is Michael at 221b Baker St (Sherlock Holmes House) which is around 1 block from the blast at Edgewater Road.

the Downhill Run

I think I'm on the downhill run for this cold. I really hate having a cold. Sore throats and sunburnt shoulders top the list of my personal pet hates! I'm sure no one likes either of those actually. Anyway, my sore throat is gone and my nose has stopped a bit but I'm still rugging up and taking it easy for today, got to hit it on the head so it doesn't drag out!

Photo Friday

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