Curried Missionary

When I first returned from Niger in West Africa with SIM I felt drawn by the Lord to put together a booklet which would assist those of us here at home in encouraging and supporting missionaries in practical ways. I never did get the book published but I did get it mostly finished (called Curried Missionary - spicing up your missionary's life).

I've decided to start putting helpful excerpts from the booklet on here about once a week, starting with the preface. I don't proclaim to be all wise when it comes to this topic but I hope that my research and time will come of some good use.
(pic: myself with a Fulani woman in a village called Say (sigh) in Niger)

Although I am someone who has spent a “short” time ministering on foreign shores, I have experienced the loneliness of ministering in such an isolated place, of being so far from my friends, family and Church yet with little and sometimes no home contact.

Others of my fellow missionaries have often shared with me about this same loneliness that they too experienced. They desperately desired contact, help and encouragement from their supporters at home but receive very little.

It is because of this great lack that some longer term missionaries and myself have put this small booklet together and it is our hope that it will enthuse you to help carry the load.

As fellow believers you are partners in the mission of reaching the lost in “the uttermost parts”, and we pray you will come to the assistance of those who go for Christ’s sake and the Gospel."

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