A Smile For Schapelle

I'm still a supporter and follower of the situation with Schapelle Corby and have continued to write letters to her. I received one back about a month ago which was a photocopied letter with a personal handwritten note at the bottom. She didn't have to do that but it was nice to know that she's been getting my letters (along with thousands of others - according to her sister on the official site she got thousands of Christmas cards). There's a new campaign to encourage Schapelle and even if you are unsure of her guilt or innocence this would be a wonderful opportunity to encourage someone.

The Foreign Prisoners Support Service have come up with a small printout we can use and write a note and and address on to send to her, just so she knows people haven't forgotten her. It looks like the piccy here and the information and download for it can be found here.

What's Inside Your Fridge?

Cos this is what's in mine.....................my hubby thought this was funny, showing my perfectionistic streak when he opened the fridge tonight!

I've Figured it Out!

I now know where all my patience went to and why the jar was empty! It's all gone on the hours of sitting with Kezi and soothing her to sleep or the times I wait for her to wake up for her feed so I can go to bed or the times when I have to stop in the middle of what I'm doing to meet her needs. Now that I've figured that out I don't mind at all, she's such a great bubba (but them I'm biased aren't I!).

Photo Friday

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