Curried Missionary - Part 5

This is part 5 from my booklet entitled 'Curried Missionary, how to spice up your missionarie's life'. Other parts to this booklet can be found here:

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"Postage ~ What to Send (Part 1)

Letters – The simplest card is so encouraging to a missionary. In some places mail is only received once a week or in others, once a month. This means that MAIL IS A HIGH POINT IN THEIR WEEK. If you are not a letter writer, a card with something small enclosed such as stickers for the kids or a newspaper article is enough.

Small Parcels – With simple things such as gravy mix or chewing gum (remember to find out if these things are available in your missionaries country first) enclosed.

Bigger Parcels – With something such as a recorded or shop bought video, an Australian souvenir or an item of food that you know your missionary loves and cannot get.

Special Gifts – Occasionally it’s nice to send a gift out of the blue, not always just for Birthdays or Christmas. We all love surprises.

Food – You can send things such as chocolate, lollies, packet foods and specialty foods, (eg; vegemite or nice teabags) but always check that these items are allowed to be sent into your missionary’s country. You can find out from the post office which products cannot be sent.

– In some places there is only one choice of soap whereas others have a bigger selection. In many places both the men and the women will use chap sticks (of course the men would use unscented ones with no colouring!) but they may be expensive to buy. Occasionally something special such as aftershave or talc would be appreciated but always find out whether you can post these items (and find out what your missionary’s favourite scent is).

– If you have access to e-mail, use it for the Lord! Use it to en-courage missionaries every week. Send them updates of news items or perhaps what the Pastor spoke about on Sunday. Just a short note of ‘How are you’ is enough, make sure you ask specific questions such as ‘What kinds of things do you eat over there?’ Whatever you do, DON’T USE IT TO SEND GOSSIP."

(Pic: Michael and I with the Sahel Academy sign in Niger, West Africa)

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