Illustration Friday - 'Spotted'

The IF theme this week is 'Spotted'. This is an acrylic I did to practice random pattern.

Whiplash Entry

Whip Up has a new comp and here's my first entry wit the theme Everyday Creativity. This is a snowman (obviously) created from my own head with no pattern (I'm not good with patterns) and it's for my Mum who lives in Papua New Guinea and has a snowman obsession. I've never seen snow so this is a guess!


Photo Friday - 'Full'

The PF theme this week is 'full'. Here's a couple of very full cars we saw in Benin, West Africa.

Graffiti Tree Art

At the zoo on Wednesday I couldn't help but notice that the trees there have lots and lots of carvings, drawings and ink all over them. Here are some examples. As much as this is graffiti it's also like a strange work of modern art:

Photo Friday

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