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In two days time I would have achieved one of my goals for 2006. At the start of the year, about this time last year in fact my parents flew off to Papua New Guinea where they live as missionaries. So they wouldn't miss out on my darling daughter growing up over this first year I promised to send a photo to them every single night. I did this until they had to return to Australia for family reasons in October.

I also planned on taking at least one photo of Keziah every day to keep as a record of the year. I had visions of a photography exhibit where 365 photos were displayed alongside each other in date order (maybe one day I'll just do that). I have managed to achieve this goal so far and I'm looking forward to putting together a really long power point presentation with these photos in, maybe as a gift for family. Here is Keziah exactly one year apart, amazing the difference a year makes!

Keziah, 29 December 2005

Keziah, 29 December 2006

Now I need a new project. I was wondering if any of you out there have a suggestion or two for me. I was thinking that I could continue to record something each day, either written, drawn or photographed. I've got a few ideas tucked away in my head but I'm really interested in any you may suggest. Go ahead and fill up the ol' comments box below!

Michael's Blog

Just thought I'd mention that my hubby Michael now has a blog. He's likely to talk about sport, theology and probably computer geek type stuff BUT he's pretty good at putting words to 'paper' so have a peek even if these aren't your types of topics. Michael's blog

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