Photo Friday - on Sunday

The PF theme this week is 'sister'. Yep, it's very very late but I've decided to do this one anyway. I don't have a sister but I do have a sister-in-law so here's a photo of us together (Candy and Malachi to the left, me and Keziah to the right) in Cairns recently. We went to a place called Kuranda which is up in the hilly area surrounding Cairns. It was a really nice day with a lot of lovely memories. Oh, and hi Candy (I know you drop by here!). : )

19 Items for Sale

I have been busy listing on my Etsy Shop and there are now 19 items for sale. These range from necklaces to pins to miniatures. The prices on the shop page are in US dollars. If you are a local and would like to buy anything there, please contact me as I am happy to negotiate!

I am starting to wonder if I will sell anything as I've had things listed on there for a few weeks and no takers. Perhaps my prices are too high or perhaps it's just because of the busy Christmas/NY time (or maybe people just don't like what they see!!). If you think my prices are too high, please leave a comment as this is one area I'm not the best at. I know people are looking though as some items have had over 50 views!!!

Pic: Miniature train listed in my Etsy shop.

Photo Friday

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