Illustration Friday - 'Change'

The IF theme this week is Change.

These three paintings (from a series of about six) were from my last semester at uni when I focussed on the macro and micro world (often when we look closely at the tiny objects found in nature they appear to look very similar to an aerial photo of a landscape - a bit abstract but I found it interesting). I used rocks as my source and found that when I scanned the rocks I'd found into my computer at high res they were intricately patterned. These were my attempts to draw on that source for 'abstract' paintings.

How does this relate to change? I suppose an abstract relationship with the theme is appropriate for 'abstract' paintings. This theme really changed the way I look at the world around me, rocks have a permanency about them and yet they are formed through many changes in pressure over time so I think this is appropriate. As a Christian I see that God's creation is so amazing and the closer I look at it the more amazed I am!

Photo Friday

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