In Other Words Quote

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity .”
~ Albert Einstein~

This is this weeks quote and immediately my mind is filled with examples both mine and Biblical.
For example; Paul in the prison, earthquake and the conversion of the jailer. Joseph's whole life. Moses - his mother's choice to put him in the basket. Daniel still praying and ending up in the lion's den. The list goes on and on.

For myself. There are a few examples but the main one I can think of is quite current. My family lives overseas, my Mum, my Dad, my brother, my sister-in-law and my nephew. They live in a place where it's difficult to stay. They're missionaries in Papua New Guinea. In having my family live so far away it means that I don't have them around for advice, hands on help or physical support in my first year of being a mother. This may sound selfish and in some respects it is but there are times that I wish and wish and wish that I had my Mum around to show me what to do.

In the midst of this difficulty I've had the opportunity to grow. I've had to make conscious choices to change an attitude or way of doing things. I've also had the wonderful opportunity to be available back here in Australia to send thing up to PNG whenever they need them. This seems simplistic but for me this is my current difficulty and that's how I've made it into an opportunity. I must say though in closing that this is an every day decision, I have to keep on checking my thinking all the time and remember that God is the one who has them there and me here.

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