My First Sale - on Etsy

This morning I woke to find two orders on my Etsy account! Yay! That means I've made 2 sales on Etsy and 5 on the Aussie site Wahmania.

Ok, I happen to believe that God is in control of all things, including technology. I happen to believe that God is much 'smarter' than our most complex technology. Last week I was extrememly frustrated that I couldn't get into my blog and post. It had been two weeks of battling with blogger to find out the problem. I had done a fair bit of 'shoot to heaven' type praying through that time but the night before the blog probs were sorted I prayed 'Ok Lord, you know how this technology works and you understand how frustrated I am, please sort it out for me' (as opposed to 'C'mon Lord, why isn't it fixed yet?). The next day it was sorted.

A similar thing happened with Etsy. I've been asking the Lord to make it very transparent as to whether I'm doing the right thing with these little shops. I was feeling that no sales was his way of saying 'No' and then poof, a sale. So, I'm going to say thank you God for making me wait. I'm sure I'll have to wait a whole lot longer for the next one but thats ok.

I sold two pairs of earrings if anyone is interested (pictured).

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