Cool Art

I saw this post on 'Make Blog', an artist called George W Hart who makes circular shaped artwork out of interesting objects. This one made of Disks is very cool and this one called Battered Moonlight is pretty amazing too. If you're into installations then this is for you! I love this installation in particular. It reminds me of those kinds of meetings where everyone is has diverse backgrounds, beliefs and personalities and yet still try to come to a similar conclusion! I'd probably be the colourful one, which one would you be?

Being Naughty = Chicken Dinner reward??

It seems that the biggest learning curve I've been on has been over these last 8 months. Yep, my little one has taught me a lot of lessons and this weekend I had to adjust her routine yet again. You see, I'm a bit of a control freak. I hate it when things don't go to routine. I've had to change my thinking a fair bit since I had Kezi. The routine she was in was starting not to work and both she and I were starting to have grotty days. Since I've adjusted it to be a bit more flexible over this weekend I've realised that both she and I have been a lot happier!

There's an ad for a certain chicken company on tv at the moment in Australia. The mum comes into her kitchen and there are suds everywhere. The dishwasher is making a heaving noise and her son is standing there saying 'sorry mum!'. She smiles sweetly, walks through the suds and pulls his rugby jersy out of the dishwasher. The voice over says 'as a mum, it only takes one thing to throw my whole day out'. The ad ends with the mum coming to the conculsion that she simply can't cook tea now because of the routine being out so she buys her family the chicken take away for tea instead. All this is done with a smile and tilt of the head. Can anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

I said a while ago that I don't like showing my little one's face. I still hold to that but this shot if is the one that will be printed on our brochure's shortly so I figured it doesn't matter.

Photo Friday

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