Burns Abroad

My brother and his wife have started a new blog. They are about to embark on a new adventure as they move overseas to Papua New Guinea as missionaries with New Tribes Mission. This pic is actually of my Mum as my parents are also missionaries in PNG with NTM.
This is an official invite for anyone who reads my blog to go over and check his out. It's basic right now and only has one entry but there will be more. It will be worth following. Enjoy!

Retro Ebaying

I've been having a ball ebaying still. Some of my latest additions are the best. I got a 'Fat Albert' iron on transfer yesterday which really brings back childhood memories. I forgot all about that show until I saw this transfer for sale. The trendy retro thing is to wear t-shirts with images from the 70's (Dukes of Hazzard, Astro boy etc...) which is great fun. There are so many shows I'd forgotten about, such as The A Team and Fraggle Rock and Alf, all of which I grew up watching. Which shows do you remember and would be willing to wear on a t-shirt?

Photo Friday

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