Illustration Friday - 'Cake'

IF this week has the theme 'Cake'. When I was in my final year of uni I used rocks as my subject matter (yes, rocks). I tried to come from the angle of the double meaning with this painting entitled 'Rock Cakes'. This is 60cm x 40cm, oil on canvas. Each 'cake' on the cake stand is actually a rock so here it is:

And here's one shot of the original setup I used for reference:

Photo Friday - 'Home'

The PF theme this week is home. This was our house in the UK in a little village called Debenham. It consisted of four rooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. That's the whole front yard too, the dark lines along each side are the fences! Amazing difference between there and Australia! Our home in Australia is below. It seems that home is basically where family is so either place was good for us!

Photo Friday

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