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SIM around the world has many opportunities for ministry. If you are a Christian who has a heart for overseas ministry then read on. If not, maybe you know someone who would find this interesting.

I'm amazed at the range of 'jobs' and opportunities SIM has listed on their site and it seems that theres something for everyone. For example, did you know that currently, SIM Ethipia is in need of a radio coordinator? Did you know that SIM Peru is seeking a Camp Ministries Developer? Currently SIM South Africa is in need of a dentist. SIM Botswana is after an IT Assistant. There are so many examples of needs around the world, here are some more:

SIM Angola - Mechanics Trainer
SIM Senegal - Literacy Specialist
SIM Ecuador - Veterinarian
SIM Bangladesh - assistance in the Arsenic Allieviation Program
SIM Mongolia - an Addiction Recovery Counsellor
SIM Bolivia - High School Science Teacher
SIM Malawi - Home School Teacher (German Speaking)
SIM Kenya - Orphanage Worker

I could go on as there are thousands of needs around the world within SIM. If you are interested in any of the listed opportunities you can click directly on them but if you would like to search for a ministry that suits your current skills and abilities then go here.

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Fireworks at 6am

This morning we woke with a bang - literally. Someone, about three streets away decided that 6am on a Sunday morning was a good time to let off some fireworks. I'm guessing it was to mark Chinese New Year. It woke both of us up and then I waited to hear Keziah but nothing...she slept throught the lot!

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