Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my brother and sister-in-law!!

1…Three years ago today they were married in Geelong, Victoria.

2…They went through New Tribes Mission's Missionary Training course together which is where they met.

3…They have a gorgeous little boy (my nephew) called Malachi.

4…Johnathan is passionate about missions and gardening, particularly orchids. He is also a Stargate fan.

The start of his orchid garden in PNG

5…They are missionaries in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission.

6…They have a blog - Burns Abroad.

7…Johnathan will celbrate a milestone birthday this year!

8…As Candy writes on her blog, they've lived in three states of Australia and two countries since they were married.

9…They both love Gloria Jean's Coffee

10…Johnathan particularly likes coffee, Candy is more into the hot chocolate.

11…They could do with some nice encouraging comments on their blog.

12…Candy loves to cook and is very good at desserts!

13…Johnathan is a brilliant photographer.

Some of his great photos!

Photo Friday

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