Polyclay and Millefiori

I mentioned a few posts down that I've been trying a new art form - millefiori using polyclay (it was originally done in glass). If you've ever stood and watched the lolly (candy) makers at one of those lolly shops like Roc Candy or similar (you probably have something like this in other countries), then you will know a bit of how millefiori is done.

I'm really having a great time discovering this new medium and have sat for 3 hours each night for the last week playing and making the beads. Like usual I'm not using a pattern and I've spent a lot of time on the web searching for techniques to make my own. For those who don't know about why that's important, I'm a bit anti-pattern, or at least anti using someone elses patter, the artist in me hates doing things that are not unique!

For those who aren not Aussies, that's a 5c coin which is similar to the smallest American coin and British coin (can't remember what they are!).

I tried to make these ones look like little groups of people. These are to be sold to raise awareness for HOPE for AIDS.

There is a point to this. I am planning on setting all the beads out on a tray at the next possible place I can (a fair, sale or display) and selling them off to raise money for SIM.

You can contact me if you are intersted in buying any of them by the way.

IF - 'Ghost'

The IF theme this week is 'Ghost' and I thought this was appropriate. This is a practice piece which is a part of a much larger work. Done in oils using the rubbing out method.

Photo Friday

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