Artists Galore

Rodney Olsen over at the journey asks the question of whether we're wired the same way as our siblings in his latest post. It got me thinking too. When I think about it there are a LOT of artsy people on both sides of my family. Let me see....I have a cousin with the same Art degree as me, a cousin who has started living off his photography skills, a cousin who designs advertising, an uncle who can write beautiful calligraphy naturally, another uncle who waterpaints, a cousin who sketches, my brother is a great photographer and can draw wonderfully, my Dad is a graphic designer, my mum can paint in watercolours and oil paints, my aunty is extremely creative and my grandfather used to create copper pictures. Oh and I have a BA Arts in visual arts specialising in painting. Unfortunately these links are the main common links between us all, apart from that we're all VERY different, otherwise I'd suggest we'd all get together and open an art gallery!!
(Pic:Acrylic on w/c paper by me a few years back)

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