I thought I might start highlighting a project run through SIM each week. This week I'm kickstarting it with one that is close to my heart.

SIMAid is the aid/projects arm of SIM which fulfills the purpose statement of the mission which reads

To glorify God by planting, strengthening,
and partnering with churches around the world as we:

evangelise the unreached,
minister to human need,

disciple believers into churches

equip churches to fulfil Christ’s Commission.

Pastor's Bookset Project

Many Pastors in the poorer countries around the world have their Bibles to teach from but no other resources which always blows me away when I think of all the books our Pastors have in their libraries in Australia (not a quip at Pastors here in any way).

This project has been put together with the aim of "providing 29,000 sets of books to pastors in Kenya, Zambia and Ethiopia. Each set consists of 40 books. SIM will sponsor book distribution conferences in each country where pastors will be taught to use the books effectively."

Over the last 20 years this project has been able to distribute over 70,000 books to church leaders around the world.

You can see the full outline and information for this project here. we got to see the end result of this project when we were in Niger and it really does have a great effect on the people who benefit from it (which isn't just the Pastors but the whole church).

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