Happy Three Month Birthday

My little girl is 12 weeeks old today!

The Big Convoy

(pic - one of the cars with the bike) Today our closest friends are all starting their big trek across Australia. One of them started in Sydney and drove down to Melbourne and met up with the others. They're all moving back to WA after having lived over east for a while. The convoy includes six adults, four kids, two car trailers, three cars, one bicycle, two dogs and a cat! I can't imagine what they must all look like as they make the long journey across from Melbourne to Perth but we're very much looking forward to them all getting here. Because they can only go at around 80km/hr (49.71 MPH) it will take them until Monday to arrive! According to travelmate the trip will be 3468.91 Km in distance which is equal to 5582.65 miles.

Photo Friday

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